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What Youth Want

Exploring research has revealed these major points:

  • High school students are interested in careers/vocations.
  • Teenagers want a broader experience that supplements career information with practical, “hands-on” experience and is tailored to their cultural backgrounds.
  • Teenagers want to belong to a group that provides a supportive place from which they can address the issues that affect them as they grow and develop. These issues include becoming more independent, developing social relationships, undergoing psychological changes, reaching sexual maturity, and re-evaluating values.

Getting Your Post Up and Running

Organizing an Explorer post in your organization is easy! Just follow Exploring’s Four Phase Plan.


Each year high school and middle school students participate in a career interest survey, which provides guidance counselors with data to help their students. We’ll first look at the data for students in central Ohio to determine how many youth are interested in various career field.


The top leader or key decision maker commits to having an Exploring program and identifies four to eight adults to  be advisors and “consultants.” During this phase, the Exploring professional staff will provide an orientation session and help the group set a date for an Open House (a special and exciting hands-on meeting held annually by each post to recruit new youth participants).

Phase Three: PROGRAM

The adult leaders will complete two online-training sessions (individually or as a group) to learn about Exploring and working with young people. With the help of the Exploring professional staff, this group will also develop a three month program calendar and finalize plans for the Open House.


Invitation letters are sent to interested students and the Open House is held. After completing some paperwork, the group is now an official Explorer post! Youth officers are elected at the post’s third meeting and a post officer training is scheduled.


Program Support

The Exploring staff provides posts with the following support:

  • Professional and volunteer staff to help the post succeed.
  • Recruiting, training, and guiding of a volunteer district/division support staff organization.
  • An annual Explorer program planning conference.
  • An annual career interest survey of all high schools in the community.
  • Activity planning and the use of Learning for Life Exploring facilities, such as camp.

Learning for Life national website—
Visit the Learning for Life Web site for ideas on how your business can connect with today’s Explorers.

Liability Insurance for Participating Organizations
General liability insurance covers the participating organization on a primary basis for any responsibility they may have on Exploring-related matters without asking the participating organization or its own insurance to be involved.

Accident and Sickness Coverage 

Accident and sickness insurance coverage is provided for registered Explorers and leaders and features medical reimbursement within policy limits.

Adult and Youth Leader Training
Learning for Life Exploring provides basic and advanced adult leader training sessions along with quarterly post advisor meetings, and various supplemental training.