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Contact information for each post advisor is listed. Feel free to contact them directly to find out more about their program and when their next post meeting will be held.

Art & Design
Students meet every Saturday to explore careers in art, build portfolios, and prepare to apply to art colleges and seek art scholarships. Demonstrate ability for sketching and drawing still life settings and live models, take field trips to art exhibitions and shows, participate in tours and lectures on the Fort Hayes High School campus and visiting artists who display their work and discuss their careers.
Ron Tardino | 614.777.0134
Learn UNIX, Internet, MUD programming and electrical engineering.
Dennis McNellis | 614.367.5612
Learn about the different engineering fields. Activities include: a bridge-building competition, wetland tour, traffic studies, welding and other activities related to the day-to-day work of professional engineers. Post meets monthly with professionals who represent a variety of engineering and science careers. Exploration includes field trips to construction sites.
John Merrill| 614.292.7923
An active post for the past 30 years. Meets once a week to learn about first aid. Provides first aid for community events and completes service projects for the fire department. 
Jim Urzykowski | 614.935.8703
Some of the activities you will experience in this post include: a live extraction, ladder operations, and a general guideline of what the firefighters do on a daily basis.
Todd Moore | 614.855.7370
Lynchburg Fire & Rescue

Complete ride-a-longs, tour department, hear guest speakers, participate in training and fundraising, and assist with daily activities.
ustin Allen | 937-364-2915

Saltcreek-Tarlton Volunteer Fire Department

Julie Neuding | 614 332-0845
Laurelville Township Fire Department
Daniel Reichelderfer|
Newton Township Fire
information coming soon!
Shawna George | 740.404.2277
OSU Health Sciences

The Exploring program at OSU Health Sciences is for current high school juniors and seniors. While the program is open to students of all backgrounds, our post aims to increase the number of historically underrepresented populations in health sciences, including Black/African American, Native American, Asian, and Hispanic. We are actively seeking to increase the diversity of the student population, so we can better serve the health science profession and the nation’s health.
Students will learn about health science careers through interactions with faculty, staff, and students within the College of Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Public Health, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and College of Medicine. Meeting monthly at The Ohio State University, student participants will gain hands-on experience, learn about cutting edge research within the profession, and acquire ways to prepare for a future career in the healthcare industry.

Valerie Blackwell-Truitt  |614.688.8489

Grove City Police Department
Post features what it takes to be a police officer.
Officer Matt Mullins | 614.277.1741
Hilliard Police Department
Includes ride-a-long programs and other law enforcement training.
Michael Deaton | 614.876.7361
Columbus Division of Police
Meets weekly at the Columbus Police Academy. Take tours of various police sites; participate in building searches, pistol competitions, and training. Observe first hand the law enforcement field: view a police officer’s responsibilities, experience ride-a-longs and radio codes.
Jason Jackson | 614.645.1406

William Lang | 614.645.4924

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Westerville Police Department
Weekly meetings with law enforcement training including: traffic stops, building searches, canine and swat demos. Will tour various law enforcement venues. Explorers will also participate in team building exercises to build camaraderie.
Officer Matt Ware | 614-797-6730

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Plain City Police Department
Some of the activities you will experience in this post include: ride-a-longs, court procedures, dispatching, crime scene investigation, visits to courts, and holding facilities.
Brian Bowers | 614.3745119


Madison County Sheriffs Association
Anna Bingman | 740-837-0033

Delaware County Sheriff

(740) 833-2815

Mt. Carmel Hospital (East)
Provides an incredible first hand perspective in the medical field including the following areas: radiology, sterile processing, impatient rehabilitation, registered nursing, clinical educators, respiratory care, clinical dieticians, pediatrics and patient care assistants.
Rachel Winn-Barb | 614.898.5569
Arts 101 Flag Corp
Flag Corp competitive league meets once per week. This program is for students who have an interest in dance combined with drill team at the advanced level. Travels nationwide to compete.
Kriss Davis | 614.873.2154
Kismet Flag Corp
Flag Corp competitive league meets once per week. This program is for students who have an interest in dance combined with drill team at the intermediate level. Travels nationwide to compete.
Kriss Davis | 614.873.2154
We Are Roleplayers
Students learn about renaissance theatre.
Bryan Mularcik | 304.780.9820
The Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine
Learn basic animal health care techniques in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Experience hands-on activities and attend guest speaker presentations.
Lauren Timperman  | 330.904.1930

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Delaware Police Department
Adam Willauer | 740. 203.1100

The Ohio State University Airport
Learn about the many career opportunities in Aviation: experience tours, guest speakers, shows, inspections, and flights.
Johnathan Denison 
|614.292.7509 / 330.760.1022

American Institute of Architects
Post meets once a month to learn about being an architect. Students work on scale-building drawings, visit architectural project sites, participate in a sand castle-building contest and design benches for local camps.
Bob Bevilacqua | 614.461.1236