Career Achievement Awards

Learning for Life’s Exploring programs involve active learning and include lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities. Exploring promotes the conditions necessary for the growth and development of adolescents. The following are the key components of the Learning for Life Career Achievement Award programs, which allow young people to acquire and be recognized for career proficiency achievement and community service.

>> Career Achievement Award program


The purpose of the Career Achievement Award program is to

  • Provide direction to Explorers and student participants in individual career proficiency.
  • Motivate Explorers and student participants to discover and take on career opportunities.
  • Recognize Explorers and student participants for significant community service.
  • Give Explorers and student participants distinguished credentials for their résumés.


Explorers or Learning for Life participants can earn a Career Achievement Award in one or all of the 12 career clusters. To earn a Career Achievement Award, the candidate must provide 50 hours of community service and complete any nine career achievements. The Explorer post Advisor or adult high school Learning for Life group leader certifies that each Explorer or Learning for Life participant has satisfactorily performed 50 hours of community service and verifies that each candidate has completed at least nine achievements within the career cluster.


The Learning for Life Career Achievement Award Certificate (No. 32194) has space for both the signatures of both the adult leader and organization head. Certificates are available through the local Learning for Life office as well as through the Supply Division (toll-free phone, 800-323-0732). Adult leaders may purchase a quantity of the certificates and present them as merited.